Elverson rod & Gun Club

Shooting Range Rules

It is your responsibility to know and follow these rules.

1. Purpose
The Elverson Rod and Gun Club (The Club) has established the rules herein in order to: 

a) provide a safe environment for members, guests and neighbors, 

b) maintain good relations with its neighbors through conduct respectful of their property and their right to enjoy a reasonably quiet, peaceful environment, 

c) protect the property of The Club and its members, and 

d) instill conduct consistent with The Club's core constituency of hunters and disciplined marksmen.

2. Qualifications
a) Members in good standing may use the range when open. 

b) Each member in good standing may allow at most one (1) guest to shoot under his direct supervision. 

c) Members shall bear full responsibility for their guest's safety and conduct.
3. Hours
a) Shooting is not permitted before 9:00am Monday through Saturday, nor before 10:00am on Sundays. 

b) Shooting is not permitted after official sunset. 

c) The shooting range shall be closed during club events and when the club is rented for private social events. 

d) The shooting range shall be closed the first six days of Pennsylvania's regular firearm deer season (traditionally starting the Monday after Thanksgiving). 

e) Shooters shall limit their use of the range to one half (1/2) hour if others are waiting to use it. 
4. Conduct
a) Members and their guests must always conduct themselves in a safe, lawful and responsible manner. 

b) Members and their guests must abide by all rules specified in these Rules of Conduct, and any subsequent additions and revisions thereto. 

c) Shooting is strictly forbidden while intoxicated by drugs and/or alcohol. 

d) Shooting conduct that would generally be characterized as paramilitary or horseplay is forbidden. Examples of such conduct include, but are not limited to: 
...i. Shooting from positions that preclude the use of the firearms' sights. 
...ii. Failing to allow time to reliably reacquire target in sights between rounds. 
...iii. Advancing towards or away from target while holding a loaded firearm in hand(s). 
...iv. Shooting more than one firearm at a time. 
...v. Shooting at other than approved targets as set forth in paragraph 5, item d). 
It is impossible to list here all specific behaviors that a reasonable person applying common sense would characterize as paramilitary or horseplay. When in question, the Range Officer shall determine whether or not specific incidents constitute a violation of this rule. 

e) Laser-projecting aiming devices are permitted. 

f) Members shall produce their ID card upon request of another member. 

g) Shooters shall not engage in arguments with neighbors or other members. In cases where demands, that the shooter perceives to be unreasonable are made by a neighbor or another member, shooter shall refer the complaining party to the Range Officer.

h) Members shall remove all targets, trash and spent shell casings before leaving.